History of Williams Chocolates

Star burstWilliams Chocolate has been a family-owned business since 1985. The family was raised in Holland where owner, Willem was a pastry chef. Here, he learned the art of chocolate making.

William Helema, Owner of Williams ChocolatesIn 1983, Willem and his wife Anneke came to Canada and set up shop in the Durham Region.

As Williams Chocolate became increasingly popular, a larger facility with the latest equipment was needed and they moved to Hopkins Street in Whitby, where they currently manufacture their unique chocolates. Williams Chocolate has sold chocolates to people around the world - shipped to friends and family as tasty gifts.

At Williams Chocolate, we have gifts for every occasion and season. Some of our speciality items include:

  • Sugar-Free Chocolate,
  • Chocolate-Covered Ginger,
  • Chocolate-Covered Orange Peel,
  • Cherries in Liquor and
  • Novelties such as hockey pucks, sticks, tools, ballerinas 

Corporate orders are welcome and wedding planners should consider our beautifully-wrapped and tasty wedding heart truffles

Sugar-free Chocolates

Sugar-free chocolates are sweetened with an alternative sugar called maltitol. The replacement of sugar by maltitol enables customers on special sugar-free diets to enjoy the excellent taste of real Belgian chocolates — when consumed, like all good things, in moderation.

Sugar-free chocolates, rosesAll sugar-Free chocolates are manufactured in a closed and controlled area using equipment exclusive to it's manufacturing. This process ensures that there is no contamination

sugar free chocolates box

Factory Chocolate factory
Pouring chocolate melted chocolate
Factory Factory

Voted Durhams best for six years in a row by Reader's Choice Awards

February 17, 2012
readers choiceSince 2006, Williams Chocolates has been recognized by it's community, receiving the Reader's Choice Award for best chocolate in Durham Region.

Land of the Easter Bunny

March 23, 2011 - by Crystal Crimi
It's the birthplace of thousands of bunnies each spring, but this place doesn't smell like a barn -- it smells like chocolate.

Located on Hopkins Street in Whitby, Williams Chocolate is in full speed right now, churning out bunnies, eggs, and other Easter-related items for its busiest time of the year.

"We make thousands of these buggers," said Anneke Hellema in her thick Dutch accent, as she popped small bunnies out of a mold. "We can't stand them anymore by the time it's Easter. [read the full article at Durhamregion.com]